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Mediation is not your typical expensive court-based, high-stress approach to resolving family issues. Our collaborative approach helps preserve what is important to you and your family.


Reduce emotional toll on family


Preserve family relationships beyond divorce


Preserve finances for both parents and children


Align resolution faster with less stress.

Sensitive Divorce Mediation in Tampa

Almost inevitably, one or both parties going through a divorce are likely to feel angry, bitter and resentful about how the partnership has ended up. This can often mean that divorces can result in protracted (and costly) legal battles, with both sides determined to “win” when it comes to the division of property and arrangements for children. A productive alternative to the adversarial court system that’s growing in popularity is collaborative divorce & mediation. Rather than a battle, both parties try and find a suitable way forward as amicably as possible with the help of a skilled, trained mediator.

There Are Numerous Advantages to Using a Mediator for Divorce

As family law mediators, we are used to dealing with situations where feelings run high and where the parties involved don’t feel well-disposed towards each other. Our job is to work with both parties to find a win-win solution to matters such as property disposal, child custody, alimony and access arrangements. Using mediation successfully not only reduces court costs, it often results in a fast outcome.

Family Law Mediators Can Make Things Less Stressful

Children, in particular, can often suffer significantly when their parents go through a protracted, bitter court battle during divorce. Often the anger that parents feel to each other can continue for years as they take matters to court repeatedly. Mediation aims to enable both parties to get the outcomes they want, lessening negativity and enabling everyone involved to move forward, often quite amicably, towards the next stage in their lives.

Skilled and Experienced Divorce Mediation in Tampa

If you’re currently considering divorce or have already begun to take the first steps towards instigating proceedings, why not see how we can help? Our compassionate, supportive team can often provide the economical, satisfactory outcome you need to make a traumatic process as bearable as possible. For further information, call one of our legal team at (813) 254-5693.

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