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Jill is Board Certified in Marital and Family Law. As a Board Certified and collaboratively trained attorney with 11 years of experience she can effectively represent one of the parties in the collaborative process. The collaborative process is a much more peaceful way to resolve the issues. There are many benefits to the collaborative process including, but not limited to, confidentiality and amicable and less costly than litigating the case.

The Collaborative Process is a way to resolved disputes (divorces) outside of court in a confidential and non-adversarial setting. This is a voluntary process where both parties commit and agree to resolve their differences amicably in order to minimize the post-divorce effects on their family.

How does the Collaborative Process work?

It starts with the parties executing a Participation Agreement, which provides in part that the parties agree to resolve their differences outside of court and they agree to openly share and exchange all information (financial or otherwise) so there is full disclosure. The “team” which includes the parties, attorneys representing each party, a facilitator, and a neutral financial expert, periodically meet with the parties to discuss options available to the parties for resolving their differences and reaching a settlement.

Why choose the Collaborative Process?

If you want to minimize the post-divorce effects on your family and save your family money and keep your matters private, then you should consider the Collaborative Process.

Mrs. Lowe has been trained in Collaborative Law and has experience in Collaborative Cases. She can guide you through the Collaborative Process and she strives to resolve the case fairly and equitably.

To learn more about resolving your divorce through the Collaborative Process, call Jill G. Lowe, P.A. at 813-254-5693, or contact her online to schedule an appointment with a Florida family law attorney.

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